FX's Vol.1

29,90 EUR


High-quality FX's presets and samples for adding a new dimension to your tracks!

These FX's have been designed for maximum impact, big sweeps, rise up, noises and pretty much everything you need for filling up your next hit!

  • 124 x Unique NI Massive Patches
  • BONUS : 124 FX's Samples



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  • 2methyl


    Ad Noiseam Rec. / Agnost1k Rec.

    Top Notch samples and presets! FX Vol.1 is what you need to add extra flavor to intros and transitions! Always useful and easy to tweak!
  • ERID


    Agnost1k Rec.

    Really useful! plus the sounds were designed to the point! Good work Fragment Audio! We love this one!