Doomsday Serum

34,90 EUR


A true High-Quality library dedicated to all genres of Hard music production, this unique Serum Library is designed to offer you an all-in-one solution to create heavy Hardstyle, hardcore, Rawstyle, Industrial, Frenchcore with unparalleled sound versatility. If you are looking for new phat bass drum hard kicks and synth's this library is a no brainer that covers all producers needs.  

After months of hard work & research, we are proud to introduce Doomsday Serum!

More than 100 HQ Serum Presets Including:

  • Hardstyle Kicks
  • Rawstyle Kicks
  • Hardcore Kicks
  • Industrial Kicks
  • Hybrid Kicks 
  • Synth's 
  • Leads 
  • Pads
  • Bass/Reece
  • FX's & more...! 

This pack includes also in BONUS the Demo's Audio Stems Kits, Midi files and 2 FL Studio Templates!

Compatible with : Mac & Pc / Serum / Ableton / FL Studio / Cubase / Logic Pro 

XFER Serum plug-in is NOT included 

Our new top tier pack designed with a 360° view on the Harder Styles.
We have heared your feedback and crafted Kicks, Screeches and Leads fully compatible with everything from Euphoric Hardstyle up to Industrial while going through Rawstyle and Hard-Psy.
All Kicks have been created with not only an insane level of detail on design but we also made sure they translate in the best possible way when converted in mono as well, but that is not all:
We have developed our own technique we call "Deep Resampling" based on the internal re-synthesis capabilities in Serum to go one extra step towards that final sound we all aim at, straight out of the box.
Leads tap into a wide range of sounds thanks to custom wavetables modeled after iconic hardware synths and we inspired ourselves to the sonics of top producers such as Ran-D & Dj Adaro
HeadhunterzZatox and more!
Thanks to your support, we have worked hard on this pack with the only goal of raising the bar not only for the producers of one specific genre but for the whole scene.
We feel like this pack is in many ways the first of its kind and we are already looking forward to keep pushing back the frontiers in sound design for the harder styles!
The Fragment Audio Team



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