LIGHTS ON: Sequential

Published : 2018-10-09 12:16:50
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Lights ON: Sequential

1. Sup Guys! Can you introduce us your team Sequential?

Sequential is the project we started two years ago. It started as a duo between Marius Brigean and Cristian Lucaci, but after a few months of collaborations with Marius Bozga, who also goes by the stage-name Spectrum, we decided to join forces and become a trio.

2. Tree words that describe your music and your band?

Power, Energy, Futuristic

3. Can you present us your last release?

Our last release was Demonology EP on Close2Death featuring our new friend MC Revelation. The EP combines our most angry tracks to this day and the message is a little bit less subtle, revolving around the evilness that found a home in politics.

4. How did you do to work your projects together? Do you have any tips to share with us for that type of work?

Most of the time, when we meet up, we try to work together on track ideas because this happens once every month usually, and after that, we continue working individually on each track until we get a version that is close to being finished and after that we try to finish them together. This is not a rule though, so it depends on the track most of the time. Tip: When we work on some tracks, if the idea is good, but the style doesn't fit everyone in the music group, we try to be objective and work on the track so that what we do fits the style of the idea. I think this is what breaks most music groups. Try to improve, not to change the ideas of the other members.

5. What are the production tools that we can find in your lab?

We all work mainly in Cubase 9.5 Artist and our "secret weapons" are some Universal Audio plug-ins. We are doing almost everything in-the-box using Xfer Serum, Native Instruments Massive & Reaktor 6, Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. "Your Sound" is mostly given by the Synthesizer you use combined with your specific chain of plug-ins used to process it. 

6. Have you any favorite tools for making bass design?

Xfer Serum and not long ago Marius Bozga got a Moog Synthesizer that you will hear in some future releases.

7. What’s most important for you when you produce a new track together?

Getting the idea and structure of the track ready as soon as possibe, after that we can improve, change some things, but if a few days pass without the structure of the song being finnished, it will take some time before we will touch it again.

8. Can you tell us more about your future projects and goals?

We are currently working on a lot of new tracks and we are thinking about building an LP in the near future. This year we will have a few more singles released on a bunch of Labels including Ignescent Recordings, Santoku Records, Invasion Recordings.

9. Any label records you would love to release a project on? If yes who and why?

Yes, some of our goals are to release on Blackout Music, DIVIDID, RAM Records because we are big fans and it might inspire future collaborations and opportunities.

10. Do your family/friends support you in this project? 

Most of our friends support our project, as for the parents, we can say they tolerate it.

11. Would you like to add something to this interview?

Thank you Fragment Audio Team for the opportunity, and stay tuned for the next Sequential Releases!

Discover more about sequential here:



Close2Death  / Ignescent RecordingsSantoku Records / Invasion Recordings / Blackout Music NLDIVIDIDRAM Records / MC Revelation / Spectrum 

Cubase / Universal Audio plug-insXfer Serum / Native InstrumentsMassiveReaktor 6Spectrasonics / Moog 

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