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Published : 2018-10-09 20:02:39
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1. You've managed to create an imprint that stands as one of the leading neurofunk and tech-dnb labels out there with EATBRAIN - what are the most important elements that you're looking for when selecting tracks - ideas or quality of production, bangers or versatility in styles?


Thank you! We are proud of what we have achieved over the years.
There is no specific requirements i'm looking for. Of course flawless sound is 101 these days, but content wise, it's what we like. Our primary focus is dancefloor drum and bass, but i personally encourage every artist working on releases to think outside the box, and make even non-dnb tunes, to steer up things.


2. Your productions as JADE are undeniably aimed at the dancefloor - how much testing and tweaking are you carrying out before you consider your own releases finished?

It's one of the biggest dilemmas as a producer. Some of the tunes on my previous EP this year 'Awake' were done over years, had dozens of different versions, as i was never really satisfied with them. But on my current EP 'Propaganda' there is a tune that was made in one session, only the sound was polished later after experiences playing it out, and feedback from friends. So there is no formula for this, however it works on the current project. I have been producing for almost 20 years now, and i still don't have the formula for making a tune that would be a sure thing. It's always experimenting with different aspects, evolving. Otherwise, it would be boring!


3. Tell us about the DAW that you use, and why you prefer it over others that you've tried.


I'm using Cubase. I have been for 10 years now. For me it's the ultimate system, there is nothing i couldn't do in it reasonably sensible. My first tune was done in Fruity Loops, and that was extremely basic, way more than FL studio is now. I moved on to Reason, which was very simple too, but i managed to write my first release worthy tune in there. Then i started to outgrow it, was looking for ways to improve my sound, which i was able through Rewire with Cubase. First only the master channel, then group channels, then over about a year i migrated fully over to Cubase, never left after. I have been doing collabs in Logic, Ableton, FL studio, and i still wouldn't want to switch.

However, FL studio's workflow really impressed me. It's easier to be quick and effective in there. I haven't tried Pro Tools though.


4. Are there any particular VSTs you couldn't live without?

Analyze: Voxengo Span, iZotope Insight

EQ: Fabfilter Pro-Q2, UAD Manley Massive Passive

Dynamics: Fabfilter Pro-L2 / -MB / -C2, Cytomic The Glue
Fx: Fabfilter Pro-R / Timeless, iZotope Nectar 2 /  Ozone 7 Imager, LFO Tool, D16 Antresol / Fazotran

Filtering: Fabfilter Volcano 2 / Pro-Q2, Sugar Bytes WOW2
Transients: Shaack Audio Transient Shaper2 / UAD SPL Transient Designer
Distortion: Camel Audio CamelPhat3, iZotope Trash 2 / Ozone 7 Exciter, Dada Life Sausage Fattener, Fabfilter Saturn, D16 Redoptor / Devastor2 / Decimort2, NI Guitar Rig 5, UAD EL7 Fatso, UAD RAW
Instruments: Xfer Records Serum, Lenar Digital Sylenth 2, VPS Avenger, NI Massive / FM8, XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2
+ a hell of a lot more i use but i could live without.


5. Do you find yourself reaching for sample packs (and if so, which specific ones have you found most useful) or are you mostly creating your own sounds, digging your own samples?


I'm not using a lot of samples. But sometimes i can't resist to use a few layers from DLR's sample pack for example. SOM's pack is amazing too.
I'm almost never using bass samples though, that is so much part of the production. I'm sampling myself a lot of movies, series etc for FX and vocal cuts.


6. What would be the one piece of advice that you wish you'd been given when starting out with production?

If you want to be a producer say goodbye to sunlight, and any other activities :D
But seriously, my first advice would be to consider that this is a serious profession. One of which requires talent too, being a from of art. I'm saying this because just as any other profession needs an immense amount of time invested to master. A lot of people think it's something everyone can do on a laptop these days, then just "listen to my USB"..
It's just as complex as any other job. Don't expect to make a decent tune in less than a year. Don't get upset or disappointed if you don't get quick results.


7. How do you approach making a track - do you have separate sound design and idea sessions, or are you making audio for specific tracks as you go?


Like i already mentioned, i don't have any kind of formula. Sometimes tunes are born from jamming around a bass synth with my MIDI, sometimes i have a crazy session of drumming in Addictive Drums. Sometimes i get inspired by some words cut from a movie.

I usually don't have only sound making sessions, i try to turn them into something on the fly.


8. How do you see your sound as well as the EATBRAIN label's evolving in the future?


It's been a long road already. The sound quality is improving, but not much space left haha
Style wise we are thinking more and more outside the box, we are a drum and bass label, and drum and bass is the most diverse genre there is. A lot of our output is hard DNB, but we have released liquid, minimal, half tempo, jump up-ish stuff, techno, breakbeat and many other different tunes as well.

We will keep on pushing our boundaries.


9. Does finding a new VST or synth have a big impact on your ideas? Which VST or synth has had the biggest impact on you to date?

When Massive came in certainly changed the game for me. Also Serum. But these are getting a bit too standard these days, i find Avenger more inspring right now.

When i got my Universal Audio soundcard i was really impressed by the quality of 2 of the plugins, the EL7 Fatso and the Manley MassivePassive.

Since the very beginning i'm still using CamelPhat, can't get bored of it.


10. Tell us about your current and upcoming projects, releases and tours.

Over the past years i have been releasing a lot of tunes on VA releases, collabs on other producer's releases and remixes, this year i started again to focus on my own releases. The current EP is the 2nd one of the year. Meanwhile i keep up my collab count with releases with Telekinesis (out in August), Mindscape (October), Rido (November), Fourward, Agressor Bunx. Might even finish some things with Teddy Killers soon. I'm doing a remix for A.M.C and Turno.

I'm constantly playing around in Europe, but the most exciting tour coming up is my North American Tour in October. Besides the 6 dates in the USA I'll be in Puerto Rico and Canada as well.

The most exciting show in Europe will be our Fabric Room2 takeover with 7 Eatbrain headliners next week.


Discover here the last JADE release on EATBRAIN





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